4 Types of Yoga to Help You with Weight Loss

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Types of Yoga

Yoga is a 5000-year-old practice that originated in the Indian subcontinent. However, this ancient healthy exercise habit has gained wide popularity and acceptance in recent years and that too all over the globe. From treating anxiety to helping with weight loss, Yoga offers numerous advantages. That is one of the biggest reasons why people all over the globe have started adapting Yoga practice as a lifestyle habit. 


In this write-up, I focus on the types of Yoga that can help you shed unnecessary weight and get back into shape in no time. As per a Yoga Yarraville studio, Yoga strengthens the mind and the body. In the coming sections, you will find a quick overview of four types of Yoga that can be beneficial in weight loss. However, if it’s your first time doing Yoga, starting with a basic level would be wise. 


Let me quickly introduce you to the 4 types of Yoga that can help you with weight loss:

1.     Ashtanga Yoga

2.     Power Yoga

3.     Vinyasa Yoga

4.     Hatha Yoga

1. Ashtanga Yoga

This is one of the most rigorous types of Yoga which is practiced only by the most dedicated yogis. Ashtanga Yoga has the same series of poses every time, and so once you learn the sequence, it becomes very easy to practice. It helps in reducing weight and getting your body back in shape. 


When practicing Ashtanga Yoga, you have to synchronize your breath with a series of postures. This process produces intense heat internally and helps to detoxify your muscles, and improves blood circulation. Ashtanga Yoga has been found very effective with weight loss

2. Power Yoga

Power Yoga is very commonly practiced in gyms or health clubs, and it helps in weight loss. This type of Yoga is based on building the intensity and heat of Ashtanga. It is very effective in case you are looking for quick results for weight loss. 


Power Yoga focuses on improving body muscle and cardiovascular strength. Unlike other types of Yoga, you will find the in each session; power yoga is different. It does not focus on repetitive movements and offers something new every time you get into a Power Yoga session.

3. Vinyasa Yoga

It is also known as Hot Yoga since it is practiced in hot rooms. The sweat during the workout helps you purify your body by getting rid of toxins and also helps you shed weight. It is characterized by stringing your postures together and is also called “flow yoga” since you can flawlessly move from one pose to another. 

4. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is not very rigorous, but it is highly effective in weight loss. People with ages above 50 can easily practice Hatha Yoga and bring their bodies in shape. This type of Yoga focuses on gentle stretching and is not strenuous. It also helps you connect the mind and the body, and its classes are usually from 45 to 90 minutes. You can expect to practice Yoga in these classes with a special focus on breath, body, and mind. 

Final Thoughts

Weight loss requires a lot of effort and stamina. With the help of Yoga, this journey of weight loss can become simple and easy. In this write-up, I focused on few Yoga types that can help you shed that unnecessary weight and get your body back in shape. I hope you find the content of this write-up useful in your weight-loss journey.