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Weight Loss Myths

Many people struggle with excess weight. They want to get rid of their flabby arms, tummy pooch, double chin, and heavy thighs. Not everyone is fat all over. They accumulate weight in different areas of their body. And this fat tends to be stubborn. You don’t lose it easily.

The need to flaunt a slim and toned body gets many people confused between weight loss myths and facts. In an attempt to get results, they start trying every diet, every weight loss product they can get their hands on, and follow any weight loss tip. However, what they don’t realize is that they are only wasting their energy, time, and effort.

There is not much truth to these myths that we commonly hear. They just spread through word of mouth. Today, we are going to debunk some of the popular weight loss myths:

Skipping Meals Can Help You Lose Weight

False. Not many know that it does exactly the opposite. Intermittent fasting works, which is not skipping meals rather an eating pattern. The body’s metabolism gets thrown off track when you eat after a long time. Then, it slows down in pace.

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And even if it doesn’t happen, then you need to eat energy food it acts as fuel for the body. Food is the source of energy for the body that your body requires to perform the functions effectively. If you do not have a proper diet, you will fail to do any efficiently. Your body will have low reserves of energy and you would feel both physically and mentally drained.

It Is Useless to Hire a Fitness Trainer

Hiring personal coaches and trainers is expensive. Not everyone can afford to pay for them. Many people have the idea that since YouTube is filled with tons of free tutorials and daily weight loss exercise routines, one should not waste their time getting into fitness trainers. However, you should know that although these tutorials are effective and may help your weight loss goals, you cannot replace personal trainers. Videos can help you with a few things and motivate you to take your fitness seriously.

With a fitness trainer, you can learn the right posture along with many other things. You can learn new exercises practically. And if you are into bodybuilding, then you have to have a professional trainer’s supervision. You cannot lift weights on your own. A personal coach can help you with a lot of things. They guide you and minimize your risks of getting injured.

You Only Need Exercise to Lose Weight

Now, this is partially true. If you are at healthy body weight, then physical exercise benefits your body to maintain that physique. However, you won’t be able to win your body goal. Losing weight require your time, energy, and effort along with a strict healthy diet. You may have to bring numerous changes to your lifestyle such as quitting alcohol and smoking and sleeping on time etc.

Eating Healthy is Hard

This isn’t true either. It is all about getting in the habit. Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for your body if you are serious about weight loss.  All you have to do is eliminate fast food and oily food items from your diet. And within a few weeks, you would begin to see a difference in your body. It is tough, but not impossible. You can have cheat meals once or twice a month. Also, cook at home. They are healthier and cost-effective as well.

Always eat healthily. For snacks, eat fruits. Eat at the right time and avoid late-night munching at all costs.

Weight-loss Supplements Don’t Work

This does not hold true for all. Fake products or those that have low-quality ingredients may not work. However, weight loss supplements have proven to be useful if you go with branded products. They bring definite results regarding your fitness goals. Do not solely rely on taking supplements for weight loss and defined body.

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You should always gather information from verified and credible sources before believing anything. So, when it comes to online data, be careful while getting weight loss products.