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Lose 20Kgs

Hard diets and increased physical training do not always bring the desired results. But they often cause headaches, poor health, gastrointestinal tract diseases, reduced motivation to achieve goals and rapid weight gain.

Meanwhile, there are more loyal ways and tricks that will help you stay slim forever. Therefore, we gathered the secrets of losing and maintaining weight from the people who have managed to lose 20 or more kilograms to share with you in this article.

How To Lose Weight Efficiently?

Here are some tips from the experiences of people that will also help you.

1. Write Down Your Weight Loss Goals

Strong motivation in most cases is the key to success because the transition to a healthy diet and abandonment of bad habits turns out to be a difficult task. So you must define your true weight loss goals. Do not put forward a slim reflection in the mirror as your main motivation; find a stronger incentive.

Remember that proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are not just a way to get thin and show your beautiful body to everyone and being on the beach. This is a method that will allow you to maintain health for many years and significantly improve your quality of life. Such a goal will definitely help you in your weight loss journey.

2. Visit A Professional If You Have Addicted

Those people who have any sort of addiction, such as food addiction or alcohol addiction, should know that such dependence will only make their life difficult. And if their goal is to lose weight, things are going to be especially difficult for them as eating disorders and alcohol abuse will make them gain weight.

The rate of alcohol abuse and eating disorders has spiked in Connecticut since 2015. And most of these people didn’t take professional help even though they suffered from physical and mental problems. This is extremely wrong and there is nothing shameful in getting help.

A professional will help you identify the causes of addiction, observe the harms alcohol did to your health, and build a chain of small steps that will change your life for the better over time. So if you are also suffering from a similar problem, get help from rehabilitation centers in Connecticut without having any second thoughts.

3. Avoid Sticking To Rigid Diets

A strict diet is not an effective way to lose weight. Without a doubt, it gives quick results, but often to the detriment of health. This aspect is due to the lack of the proper number of nutrients that are required to maintain the correct and harmonious functioning of vital organs and systems.

So do not torment yourself with hunger strikes; by doing so, you only make things worse. The weight that went away after a couple of months of tough restrictions will soon return again. Instead, build your nutrition correctly and rationally. Choose a regimen that you can stick to for your entire life, rather than a few weeks.

4. Weigh Everything You Eat

Regardless of what you are going to eat, be sure to weigh your food on a digital food scale first. Yes, this thing seems so tedious and annoying, but over time you will get used to it and will weigh everything on the machine.

Weigh everything, such as protein foods, cereals, soups, vegetable oils, and even liquids (except water, of course), try not to neglect portion sizes. In this way, you will protect yourself from excess calories and body fat.

5. Find A Weight Loss Companion

Psychologists believe that the support of a loved one or a friend will help motivate you to lose weight even more. So sign up with your spouse or a friend in a gym or pool, go cycling (summer) and ice skating (winter) on weekends, run in the evenings, or just walk in the park. It will also make losing weight a fun thing.

6. Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is called a sweet poison for some reason. It is an insidious foe for people who want to lose weight. Try to reconsider your attitude to sugar fundamentally, limit its consumption to the maximum.

Note that the taste of herbal tea without the addition of refined sugar is much brighter and richer. Besides, a handful of dried fruits are much more beneficial than a cake stuffed with vegetable cream.

7. Avoid Starving Yourself

If you feel hungry (even late at night), do not torment yourself; just have a snack. Just choose the right snacks – light vegetable salads, boiled breast, and yogurt without additives. Do not make a feast out of a snack, and even more so, do not replace the right food with fast food.

This is because the snacks and other fast foods will only hammer the feeling of hunger for a short time and will soon appear on your stomach in the form of extra pounds.

8. Pamper Yourself Sometimes

If you are close to a breakdown, you better indulge yourself with something that you have wanted to eat for so long. Eating a serving of ice cream or drinking a glass of red wine will do nothing. The main thing is not to abuse pampering and eat fast foods on special occasions with the condition of subsequent working off of calories on a treadmill (as an option).

9. Give Up Elevators And Cars

We are accustomed to the frantic pace of life and can no longer imagine existence without a car. Meanwhile, a sedentary lifestyle leads to a lot of trouble. And being overweight is not the worst thing! Much worse is the problem with blood vessels and the heart.

Movement is the key to excellent health. Try to walk more, if possible, move around the city by bike. Note that cycling is more mobile; with it, you will not be afraid of any traffic jams. Furthermore, skip the elevator, even if your office is on the 10th floor, for better health.

10. Be Patient And Don’t Be Lazy

Remember that losing weight is a very long and painstaking process. You will have to deal with fat deposits for much longer than you put them on. It will take no less time to change life habits. So be patient, take your willpower into your fist and never be lazy!

We mentioned some tips from the life of people who managed to lose 20kgs or more weight. So, if you also want to stay fit and lose weight, you should incorporate these tips into your life.