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Sleep Hacking

Sleep is an important part of everyday life. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you live, you will need to sleep at some point during the day. Sleep helps us rest and repairs the damage done to the body during your waking hours. That is why it is common to wake up feeling fresh and well-rested after a good sleep.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with their sleep schedules. Whether it’s the demands of work, or the desire to stay up late catching late-night entertainment on Cox Contour TV channels people often compromise on the amount of sleep they need. Is sleep linked to personal and professional success? If so, how do we “hack” our sleep cycle accordingly? Read on to find out more.

Sleep Hacking for Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Over the past decade or so, there has been a growing interest in the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Startups like Facebook and Twitter now rule the roost. Their founders earn billions and are able to afford a high-roller lifestyle. Many believe this is a result of entrepreneurs being able to hack their sleeping habits in order to maximize productivity. If you manage the time you spend sleeping carefully, you can extract a few extra hours of work for the day. This suits entrepreneurs who, among other problems, find that their working hours need to increase the chances of business success. But how exactly does this work? Does sleeping less than normal have an impact on your physical and mental health? Does sleeping less actually propel you towards success?

Should You Emulate People With Unusual Sleeping Habits?

Many entrepreneurs, celebrities, and business gurus have sleep schedules very different from the rest of us. Since many popular people like Barack Obama, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Marissa Myer of Yahoo!, have achieved very visible success in their lives, we want to emulate them. But consider this, is their unusual sleep schedule really an ingredient for success or just the byproduct of a busy lifestyle?

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Sleep is extremely necessary for being productive and efficient with your waking hours. Even dreaming has had a profound impact on shaping our world. There is an abundance of inventors and innovators who find the seed of creation in their dreams. That’s not to mention the fact that most of us sorely feel the effects of little sleep the very next day. However, if you are used to sleeping too much or too sporadically, this could be a problem. While sleep may or may not directly contribute to success, too little or too much of it is bound to have an impact on us. Which is why it is important to learn how to hack our sleep cycle for optimal performance the next day.

Health Concerns to Consider When Trying Sleep Hacking

The ideal length of sleep for most people is 8 hours every day. However, all people have different inclinations when it comes to sleeping. Some of us don’t feel any problems the next day even if we sleep less than eight hours. Others find it almost impossible to function or will do so at a reduced mental and physical capacity.

Of course, eight hours of sleep is the magic number, but it still may not be essential for everyone. From what we know about him, Nikola Tesla slept only about two hours every day. Some would say this had no impact on his extremely high-functioning brainpower, or even enhanced it. Others would claim this unhealthy sleep routine was a contributor to his ill health and mental health problems, as well as his tragic demise. Of course, it would be ridiculous for the Average Joe to abruptly cut his or her sleep schedule from 8 hours to just 2 hours a day. This is a recipe for disaster, so don’t be tempted to try it.

When Does Sleep Hacking Work Well?

If you have poor time management or have very little time on your hands, sleep hacking might actually help you. If you’re sleeping more than you need, it will help you reduce your sleep time to the optimal amount. It will also help you create more hours in the day to work and be productive without risking your mental or physical health. But the fact remains that you need to have the right mindset for above-average success. A couple of extra hours every day won’t magically turn you into a successful CEO. You need to have the right attitude, meaning you value every productive minute of your day. Your goal shouldn’t be to just cut down on your sleep to work more, but to work efficiently and productively the entire time you’re up.

That means you need to cut down on the time you spend on non-productive tasks and find smart ways to do things. You can look into doing multiple tasks in the same timeframe. Need to call Cox Cable customer service? Do it while you’re having breakfast. Need to read the newspaper? Do it while you’re answering the call of nature. Need to pick up groceries? Do it on the way back from your jog. Sleep hacking is just as much about using your time efficiently as it is about creating more hours in the day to work. Both go hand in hand. Simply cutting down on your sleep won’t be of any help, least of all to you.

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