How Can a Mobile App Helps you to Reduce your Body Weight?

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How Mobile Apps Helps you to Reduce your Body Weight

The covid19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on each and everyone’s life. People are staying at home dealing with a lot of mental stress. Their attention quickly went towards their smartphones to keep themselves busy. While most of you were having been using it to stream Netflix or watch games, there is one thing that you can do to use your time productively. And that is fitness Mobile apps.

With people restricted to their homes due to the lockdown, they could not go to gyms or outdoor activities. Thus, it led to a surge in the use of fitness apps. People feel that these apps might not render the same results as going to the gym but let’s not forget that the COVID-19 19 pandemic is far from over.

Even if things are going back to normal and everything is gradually opening, the risk is still out there. Therefore, these apps can be a great addition to your daily schedule. It can help you stay fit and stay safe at the same time.

Although we will discuss fitness apps in this blog post, we can’t undermine an individual’s mental health in the pandemic. Therefore, you have to allude to CDC suggestions about how by coping with anxiety so you can concentrate on your mental wellbeing.

For individuals who would like to sustain their weight and lifestyle, fitness apps can be adequate resources. However, the individual requires two things: intention to bring change and enough use of the app to obtain the requisite consequence.

Here are a few Mobile apps, as per business insider, that can be beneficial for you to help to reduce your weight:

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal primarily focuses on the diet of its user. Its database has more than 11 million foods and has an importer that talks about the custom at-home meals. Along with this, they offer a workout plan according to your needs.

The app is available on iOS and Android with plenty of useful features. Though most of the features are free, some premium features are available with a membership cost associated with them. Their online community is very active and fosters the community through support, encouragement, and suggestions.

The majority of the apps are focusing more on physical exercise to lose weight. They ignore the role of diet in losing weight. This is where MyFitnessPal comes in. They have been doing an impressive job addressing both of them equally.

2. Noom

Like MyFitnessPal, Noom also has a comprehensive diet plan for its users. It examines the entire lifestyle of individuals rather than just restricting their intake. It also gives a food log and a tracker to keep track of the calories you consume.

Noom is distinctive in how it takes up many variables, such as age, height, weight, activity level, specific objectives, medical records, and so forth into consideration. It then develops a strategy to accomplish their objectives by collaborating with a health and nutrition specialist.

The app offers various features that have distinctive specifications. They play an essential role in supporting the app’s curated health plan and is available on both iOS and Android. The only downside of the Noom app is that it is a bit too expensive compared to other apps.

3. DailyBurn

With a rating of almost 4.4, DailyBurn is a popular choice for people looking for fitness apps. The app has seen many positive reviews on google apps. Apart from the features, the user also have praised the UX/UI interfaces in it, giving a great user experience.

Whether you want to tone up, build/gain muscle, or lose weight, DailyBurn has all of it in one place. The app has many tools that can be set according to your customized plan.

They can help you achieve your fitness goals with their instant exercises, customized plans, personal instructor access, and nutritious recipes. The app integrates with the other fitness and nutrition applications and provides on-demand broadcasting so that you can plan your workout as per your timetable.

4. MyNetDiary

Anyone who doesn’t have many budgets or doesn’t want to spend much on these fitness apps, then MyNetDiary is the best choice for them. It offers to track your foods and exercise progress and gives you a wide array of meal planning options.

Though there are some premium features, most of the services are free. The free services offer a lot of great features and are excellent for those on a budget.

These features entail monitoring exercise and diet, meal planning options, pictorial graphs to track your progress, regularly eating routines evaluation, and even access to an enormous and productive online community. And these services are not only free, but they do not require an account or personal information from the customer. That makes sure that your data remains secure and entirely anonymous.

5. WW (Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers has always prioritized diet over exercise for the fitness of the people. They have been providing their services for the last ten years and have extensive knowledge about the industry. They offer more recipes for more than 8000 meals, which are healthy and enables users to attend few coaching sessions.

The only thing that they need to work on is the UX/UI of the mobile apps. It can be glitchy sometimes that can ruin the user experience. Also, WW has an active online community where you can quickly join and interact with them. The members can offer each other advice and suggestions that can foster a healthy environment.

The app has a decent membership, which opens up some of the premium features. These features include workshops and training sessions. Overall, it is an excellent mobile apps for anyone who has a small budget.

How To Find The Right Weight Loss Mobile Apps

One of the key aspects of keeping healthy and fit is your intake. Your diet holds the same importance as your exercise, and therefore you need to pay attention to it. Choosing the Mobile apps that understand your hygiene and then giving you a diet plan should be the one you need to go for. Not only that, it understands your physique and gives you a workout plan according to that. Since you have your mobile phone everywhere with you, you can quickly check at the grocery store or the restaurant what to order.

The Bottom Line

With the Covid-19 pandemic far from over, these online mobile apps are going to become a part of your lifestyle. People can incorporate these apps into their lifestyles to make them much more manageable.

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