World Kidney Day 2024

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Do you know about World Kidney Day 2024??? If not, then this blog is going to be quite helpful to you!

World Kidney Day is a global movement to spread awareness all around the world about the human kidney and disease related to kidneys. Next year Kidney Day will come again. Hundreds of activities take place all over the world, from public screenings in Argentina to the Zumba Marathons in Malaysia.

Knowledge of preventive actions, awareness of risk factors, and awareness of how to deal with kidney disease. They do so because they want each one of us should be aware of the kidney protection.

World Kidney Day seeks to increase awareness of the importance of our kidneys to optimal wellbeing and reduce the incidence and effect of kidney failure and its related health issues worldwide.

It’s a holiday across the globe that reminds people about the risk factors and how it can be avoided with kidney failure. And besides this, your health and well-being depend on the proper functionality of your kidneys.

What are the main objectives to celebrate World Kidney Day?

  1. Knowledge of our “amazing kidneys” diabetes and increased blood pressure are significant concerns of chronic kidney disease (CKD).
  2. Empower systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and CKD hypertension.
  3. Encourage preventive behavior.
  4. Train all healthcare professionals on their vital position in detecting or reducing CKD incidence, particularly in communities of high risk.
  5. On World Kidney Day, both governments are urged to take steps and engage in more kidney screening to optimize health.
  6. Encourage Transplantation as a best-in-class choice for renal failure and organ donation as a life-saving effort.

All About World Kidney Day 2024

The Kidney Day Steering Committee proclaimed 2024 “Living Well with Kidney Disease.” World Kidney Day 2024 will be celebrated on 11 March 2024. This has achieved both to increase knowledge and awareness on successful symptom control and patient empowerment, with the end aim of promoting engagement in life.

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While aggressive steps to avoid and improve kidney disease are significant, patients with kidney disease – especially those who rely on dialysis and transplantation – and their care-partners should still feel encouraged, particularly during pandemics and other difficult times coordinated efforts of the kidney care communities.

Things You Should Think About To Do On This Coming World Kidney Day 2024

We still have our own well-being to be taken care of, but we should help others as well. Find out the ways you should do any of them.

  • If you have a prescription routine that allows your kidney function to be checked on a daily basis, be sure to obey your doctor’s orders.
  • Think about disorders such as diabetes and elevated blood pressure that raise the risk of chronic kidney disease.
  • Find out if your family has kidney failure and update your medical records with your family specialist.
  • Volunteer to help dialysis recipients.
  • Take part in a lecture or screening at a nearby clinic.
  • Learn about being a donor.
  • Learn more by visiting

Use #WorldKidneyDay to post your experiences and follow up on social media activities.

 History of World Kidney Day

The International Federation of Kidney Foundations and the International Society of Nephrology initiated the World Kidney Day in 2006 as a collaborative initiative by both of them to raise the campaign kidneys. It exploded all over the planet from that point on. Today, in almost 100 different countries, more than 700 Kidney Day activities are taking place.

Customs and traditions on World Kidney Day?

A theme selected for  Kidney Day every year. This concept used for activities that take place all over the world. Events that could include fairs, markets, flash mobs, marathons or public marches, social media marketing (with the theme hashtag and #worldkidneyday), kidney enrichment courses, and book sales.

In the United States, 15 patients a day wouldn’t have to die waiting for a kidney if more people signed up to donate organs.