World Cancer Day 2024

World Cancer Day 2021

World cancer day is to embark on the lives of people who have been suffering from cancer and to aware people of this disease. The aim to aware as many people as we can through organizing campaigns, providing measures to fight the disease. The impact of cancer can take a big toll on a person and you need to take certain measures to protect yourself. This day is all about making an impact on people and educating them about the disease, the symptoms, causes, measures, and many other aspects. Several types of cancer can affect your body such as lungs, blood, throat, skin, breast, and many more!

It also signifies the day for cancer victims and how they need to be treated. People should have a positive approach to people who are fighting this deadly disease. Your attitude can make a change. Your action would make a big impact on their lives. Use your power and show the world the power of individuality! 

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Which date commemorates World Cancer Day?

This remarkable day spotted on 4th February to provide many preventive measures for people to fight against cancer. WHO (World Health Organization), government, and non-governmental health organizations have developed many strategies to establish the right ideas and plans to fight cancer.

Cancer can take your life and it is necessary to spread the word about every possible thing and educate people all over the world. This day holds great importance as it depicts our actions and measures to make this world cancer-free. This day is to celebrate the progress in terms of the disease and to give a positive outreach to the victims and people who lost their lives.

How world cancer day celebrated?

World Cancer Day celebrated to reduce misunderstandings about cancer and help people get correct information about cancer. There are numerous myths related to this disorder because the response of people to cancer patients is very gullible. They assume that if people live with cancer victims, they will also get affected.

World cancer day campaign is organized this day to dispel these social myths. Hence, people must acknowledge how and what medications are for cancer patients. Cancer people have the right to live like normal people. They deserve respect and normal behaviour in their family and community. These myths have been circulating for a long time and it’s high time we educate people and get their facts straight!   

On this day, governmental and non-governmental organizations across the world get together and organize camps, seminars, lectures, campaigns to prevent cancer to enter people’s lives. They try their level best to impart useful knowledge about the disease so that people don’t suffer in the future. UICC provides a toolkit that includes templates, flyers, and guidance from various organizations to provide better help.

World Cancer Day honored with a particular theme to address it in a more result-oriented approach and decrease the annual death rate. In our country,  numerous campaigns have been organized to protect people from cancer. We are looking forward to making the world a better place to live in and cancer is a major part of the dirt we need to eliminate!

World cancer day 2024 theme:  “I am and I will”

The world cancer day message represents what an individual is capable of if he is willing to make a change! A 3-year campaign( 2019-21) is all about the power of us, as an individual. How we can make a huge impact on society. If we all take some time from our schedule and work towards progress worldwide. We don’t realize how a single step can hold such importance in the future. The theme is all about an optimistic approach towards the disorder, how your efforts can transform someone’s life. Global awareness of cancer can prevent millions of people to get stuck in a room. Our collective actions can save someone’s life and make the world a healthier and a better place to live in!

To end this on a hopeful note, I read a quote somewhere that stayed with me for a long time. ‘What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the brain of somebody who isn’t privileged enough to get an education’. This really hit me hard. It is quite unfortunate to imagine this scenario. This reflects on how important education is for every individual in this world. You never know whose brilliance can solve the mysteries that are unsolved and can change the world!