Ten Worst Foods For Prostate Health – Prostatitis & Prostate Cancer

Ten Worst Foods For Prostate Health – Prostatitis & Prostate Cancer

Today Everydayhealthynews.com is going to share the ten worst foods for prostate health.

Prostatitis is a medical condition, in which Prostate Gland gets inflamed. This condition is usually found in Men.

Let’s first dig out, what will happen when your Prostate Gland gets inflamed.

Inflammation in your prostate Gland put pressure on urine vessels or tub as a result, you may find

  1. Urinary hesitancy (Slow Urine or less in quantity)
  2. Frequent Urination

Any disease can be put through at any age. Prostatitis is usually tracked for men with ages more than 50. It’s hard to detect prostate cancer and prostatitis before 50 due to no symptoms. Its best to consult with your doctor, if you are facing Urinary hesitancy.

We are not here to make you feel depressed, but showing some stats might influence the disease and what things we should consider to avoid.

prostate Cancer Stages demonstration

Prostate Cancer Deaths in USA

According to Statista, In 2021, approximately 8000 thousand people died in Mexico. Similarly, In the US state of Mississippi, there are around 24 deaths there. If we run a report for the worldwide highest rate of this cancer, the US might be on the lower side.

Here are worldwide reports of the highest prostate cancer Countries. France is on top of the list following by:

highest prostate cancer Country is France

But that does not mean, the USA or other countries which are not caught in the report never be listed.

In males the most cancer death is of lung cancer, due to bad smoking habits, followed by liver, colorectum, stomach, Prostate, etc.

most cancer death in men are by Lung Cancer following Prostate

So, there should be some ways to get rid of this injuries disease and precautions to avoid as you get younger to make your life happy and healthy.

Ten Worst Foods for Prostate Health

Prescribing someone to avoid something is hard to do without diagnosing the patient’s body. We are discussing some general worst food that helps you avoid prostate. (By Dr. Sharafat Ali)

  1. Artificial Things
  2. Supplements
  3. Spicy meals
  4. Cooking oil which gets freeze
  5. Sea Salt
  6. Sugar
  7. Alcohol
  8. Things having Excess fats
  9. Unnatural Water
  10. Fast food

Avoid the above 10 and similar things without having depression and anxiety and use

  • Mustard oil instead of cooking oil
  • Jaggery instead of Sugar
  • Pink Salt instead of Sea Salt

Treatment of Prostate Cancer and Prostatitis:

“Nabeez” is the best treatment for this disease, prescribed by Dr. Sharafat Ali. Describing, how to make “Nabeez”

  1. Depending on your physical condition, take 3,5 or 7 dates
  2. Fill a clay glass with water and add dates and keep them overnight
  3. In Morning, Grand the dates with water, in which dates are soaked overnight. (Remove the seed from dates)

After breakfast, drink this mixture. You may add

  1. 10 Almonds (according to your health)
  2. Sesame Seed

Take care of yourself and your family and Use the treatment to avoid Prostate.