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restore breasts after childbirth

The birth of a child is an important event in both men’s and woman’s life. At the same time, it becomes a real test for the figure. The most noticeable changes are in the mammary glands. Even during pregnancy, the breast changes its size and shape in preparation for the upcoming feeding, which often leads to the appearance of stretch marks.
Upon completion of breastfeeding, breast asymmetry and ptosis are often found. Therefore, it is not surprising that the question of how to restore the shape of the breast after childbirth is becoming more than just relevant for many women. After all, not only the attractiveness of the figure depends on this, but also self-confidence.

Reasons for breast changes after childbirth

Postpartum changes in the mammary glands are due to their structure.
The chest consists of glandular tissue, located in the form of lobules, adipose tissue and ligaments. Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to the fact that the mammary glands become larger due to the production of milk in each of these lobules. Accordingly, not only the size, but also the weight of the breast increases for this solution do the boob job. As a result of such changes, the load on the ligaments increases, and they are not always able to maintain the original height of the chest, which leads to its ptosis (ptosis).
The skin, stretching along with the increase in the size of the mammary glands, is also not always able to recover after the completion of the feeding. As a result, it loses its elasticity. The combination of weakened ligaments and stretched skin leads to the fact that the shape, height and volume of the breasts noticeably change and few manage to preserve the prenatal parameters. Other circumstances can exacerbate this process.

Breast shape after childbirth: possible consequences

Postpartum changes in the mammary glands is a fairly general term that does not describe the characteristics of each individual situation. In fact, such problems are of a more detailed nature:

  • Flattening of the chest: This condition occurs after lactation ends, when the mammary glands no longer produce milk and become empty. They greatly decrease in volume, pronounced ptosis is manifested. The chest looks flat, as if lying on the chest;
  • Asymmetry: This condition can be observed even before pregnancy, but due to postpartum changes it becomes more pronounced. Also, asymmetry can form in the process of breastfeeding, if in the process of feeding the child is applied mainly to the same breast;
  • Increase: This change may be the result of weight gain, which is often observed during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Even after the end of lactation, the mammary glands cannot restore their prenatal size and shape, which leads to disharmony in the figure;
  • Omission: This situation is observed with a significant increase in breast size and a subsequent equally strong reduction. In this case, the skin is overly stretched, which causes prolapse of the mammary glands. At the same time, the height of the breast decreases, and it drops below the level that it was before pregnancy.

In addition to changing the shape, size and height of the mammary glands, the problem with the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, as well as with changes in the shape, size and skin tone of the nipples and areolas, is very common. They become larger, excessive pigmentation may appear, which also reduces aesthetics.

Ways to restore the volume and shape of the breast

Modern plastic surgery has a huge arsenal of methods and tools that allow both to enlarge the breast after childbirth, and to reduce it in size, restore height or correct other parameters.
Breast lift. Such an operation can be performed as an independent correction method or supplemented with endoprosthetics. Three types of mastopexy are used today:

  • periareolar. It is used when it is necessary to remove excess skin and raise the nipple-areola complex to a height of 2 cm, but breast augmentation is not required. The surgeon excises the tissue along the perimeter of the areola, and sutures are applied there, which makes the results of the operation almost invisible;
  • t-shaped or anchor. During the operation, three incisions are made: along the lower line of the areola, along the natural fold under the breast, and a vertical incision that connects the two previous ones. This type of mastopexy is performed in cases where ptosis is severe, it is necessary to tighten the breast along with a decrease in its volume or eliminate the asymmetry of the mammary glands;
  • vertical. This method is used less often than others. It allows you to remove pronounced excess skin and raise the mammary glands higher. Incisions are made along the lower border of the areola and vertically, perpendicular to the breast crease.

Which of the types of mastopexy is preferable in a particular situation is determined by the surgeon, who takes into account both the features of the clinical case and the wishes of the patient. It is important to know that during a breast lift, the nipple-areola complex is always corrected. This is due to the fact that with a change in the height and shape of the mammary glands, the nipples and areola, which remain in the same place, nullify the aesthetic value of the operation. After their correction, the result of plastic surgery is a breast that looks harmonious and attractive.
Breast augmentation. Plastic surgery is performed using endoprostheses. They allow not only to make the breasts bigger, but also to give it the desired shape and height. Depending on the model of the installed implant, access can be through an incision:

  • armpit folds;
  • areola;
  • folds under the breast.

Depending on the goals of the operation, the initial state of the mammary glands and skin, as well as other circumstances, a round or drop-shaped (anatomical) shape of the implants, different degrees of their density, a certain type of shell surface and other characteristics can be selected. Breast augmentation surgery can be combined with breast lift, correction of the shape of the mammary glands and the nipple-areola complex, and elimination of asymmetry.

Breast reduction. Reduction mammoplasty is performed in situations where the mammary glands after childbirth have not returned to their previous size, which causes the patient physical and / or psychological discomfort. Breast reduction in volume is performed using different methods. Which one is suitable for the patient is determined by the surgeon, taking into account:

  • the initial volume of the mammary glands;
  • the amount of adipose and glandular tissue that needs to be removed;
  • the amount of excess skin;
  • the presence or absence of asymmetry of the mammary glands and other factors.

Breast reduction surgery can be combined with asymmetry correction, displacement of the nipple-areola complex and / or changes in areola diameter and nipple size.
Correction of the nipple-areola complex. Such an operation is often in demand after childbirth. Surgical enlargement, reduction, lifting of the mammary glands requires movement of the nipple and areola and / or a change in their size in order for the overall result of the operation to be truly aesthetic. As an independent operation, correction of the nipple-areola complex can be performed if, after childbirth and breastfeeding, changes have affected only this part of the breast. During the operation, the innervation of the nipples is not disturbed, therefore, after the end of the recovery period, normal sensitivity returns to them.

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