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You’ll find fat all over your body, in various nooks and crannies. And that’s perfectly normal. Everyone has fat, as they should. There’s always been such a negative stigma over having a little extra fat, even if it’s a super small amount. But with body positivity being promoted more and more throughout modern culture, it’s great to see people feeling comfortable with how they look, regardless of what beauty and fashion trends may dictate. People can now confident in their own bodies, without feeling like they judged for how they look.

But this doesn’t mean that everyone has this level of confidence. Body positivity means you feel good in your own skin, and if that requires you to lose fat in certain areas, then you have the freedom to do so. A part of the body that has some of the most irritating pockets of fat is the neck, more specifically: directly under the jaw. That’s why there are so many medical practices which involve double chin removal, which clears away unnecessary fat that lines the area around the neck.

Double chin removal is widespread, with countless patients visiting their local cosmetic medical centers to chisel out the jawline. If you’ve had no luck in getting rid of your double chin and nothing’s helped so far, then you should be in for a very pleasant surprise.

Why the Double Chin is so Widespread

You already know how excess fat accumulates in different parts of your body. If you eat unhealthy food, don’t exercise enough and live a physically inactive lifestyle, you’ll find fat folds all over the body. And one of the most visible areas where fat swells up is under the chin.

It also doesn’t help that double chins formed very easily. It takes very little time for the double chin to develop and it’s very difficult to get rid of. Not to mention, that there aren’t many physical exercises that can tone the double chin. You can try them out, but they won’t give you visible results for some time.

This is why double chin removals are so popular with people all over the world. They’re an easy solution to a problem that ruined countless photos. There is absolutely no reason why you should feel uncomfortable when looking into the mirror because you’re afraid the double chin will devastate your appearance.

Different Kinds of Double Chin Removal

Since there is such a big demand for safe and effectual jawline straightening, modern cosmetic technology has introduced several solutions. There are many methods of double chin removal, but we’ll be focusing on two of the most popular ones in the beauty industry.

First there’s Kybella, which is an injection specialized in dissolving the excess fat under the chin. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, since it only involves a set of injections. This means a shorter procedure, less painful side effects and in general, a safer treatment.

The compound that injected is derived from a stomach acid your body naturally creates. This specific chemical called “deoxycholic acid” is used to dissolve the fat you consume. Logically, it would be just as effective at burning away the fat stored under the chin. And since the acid engineered to specifically target fat cells, you won’t have to worry about it causing harm to any other parts of your body.

Freezing the Fat Away

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While Kybella injections burn away the fat cells to chisel out the jawline, there’s also Coolsculpting, which instead freezes the fat cells away. It uses special vacuums which surrounds the area of the body with cold air, exposing the fat cells to freezing temperatures. This causes them to go into apoptosis, a kind of self-destruct sequence, and the fat clump begins to break apart.

With every fat cell that goes through apoptosis, the layer of fat under the chin will become smaller and smaller, until the double chin disappears. Unlike Kybella, Coolsculpting  known for more than double chin removals. Patients have been sculpting and chiselling their entire bodies to their liking. It works on a wide range of areas, and can also be used on the neck.

And while Kybella is a minimally-invasive treatment, since it only requires injections, Coolsculpting is entirely non-invasive. At no point is your skin pierced, cut or harmed in any way. This makes Coolsculpting a very favored cosmetic practice not only among doctors, but also patients, who don’t have to worry about all the pain that comes with other methods of fat reduction.

And if you’re wondering where to find either of these and you happen to live in NYC, then I could give a very easy recommendation with Skinly Aesthetics. They’ve treated many patients with both of these procedures through the many years of their work, most of whom left the clinic with a new, confident smile on their face.

A double chin is a really small thing, when you think about how it doesn’t pose any health risks or hazards. But it’s the idea of fixing something that’s been bothering you for so long that makes it worth doing.

A Confident Smile

confident smile

Cosmetic procedures not performed so that patients can look like their favorite film stars and celebrities. It’s about giving them more comfort in their own bodies and letting them feel confident with how they look. You can look magnificent with a double chin. But if it bothers you, there’s no reason why you should simply accept it.

Treatments like Kybella and Coolsculpting allow those individuals, who bothered by something as small as a pocket of fat under their chins. To find a little extra charisma in their appearance. So next time you look in the mirror and feel as though that extra jawline is bothering you. Consider either Kybella or Coolsculpting as your double chin removal methods.