Postpartum Hair Loss And How To Deal With It

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Postpartum Hair Loss

During pregnancy, women generally enjoy healthy hair. They become thicker, shinier, and stronger than ever before. However, this won’t last long. As the time gets closer to meet your little one, then you have to say goodbye to those pregnancy locks.

Women generally lose hair soon after giving birth to their little ones. This is what we know as postpartum hair loss. You might notice hair loss is way too much beyond your imagination, but it is normal. You usually lose all excess hair volume that you have gained during pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

Basically, during pregnancy, there are a lot of changes going around in a woman’s body. Quite a number of hormones are changing. Pregnancy immediately follows a rise in human gonadotropin hormone or HCG. 

Initial pregnancy tests usually measure it through an increase in HCG level. Other female hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin, also begin to rise. The blood volume gradually increases to support and nourish the growing baby. All these hormonal changes last until delivery time.

How Hormonal Changes Influence Hair?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy prevent you from the usual hair fall. We generally lose some hair each day. However, during pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen decrease the rate at which we normally lose hair. The increased blood volume and circulation also support and nourish hair, and this is also the main reason to notice decreased hair fall.

However, right after delivery, all these hormonal changes return back to the normal level. Even the blood volume gradually gets back to normal. As a result, hair fall occurs. It is normal to observe larger clumps of hair falling out, and there is less you can do about it.

Postpartum Hair Treatments To Try

Postpartum hair loss is normal, and every pregnant woman has to deal with it. It might disturb some women to lose hair in larger clumps. In such a case, you can try some hair treatments to deal with it. However, there is less you can do about it.

  • Eat Well

Nutrition is one of the most important things you should take care of after pregnancy. Your body depletes some essential nutrients during this whole time, and it is essential to make up for this loss through a healthy and nourishing diet.

Make sure to take a simple and nutritious diet that provides all essential nutrients to the body. Maintain a well-balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. Try to take vegetables and fruits rich in foliate and other nutrients. Make sure to take a diet rich in zinc, vitamin B, and iron, as these promote hair growth.

  • Live Smoke-Free

Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, adversely affect the ability of the body to source and absorb nutrients. Women who need more nutritional support after pregnancy should avoid smoking and live a smoke-free life. This helps to ensure the health of both mother and the little one.

You may even consider using vapes in order to live a smoke-free life. Vaping is less harmful and brings you an experience similar to that of smoking a cigarette. Some good brands like 99 vape juices offer quality vape juices to their consumers. In addition, switching to vape becomes more convenient due to the wide range of flavors’ choices.

  • Take Vitamins

You may even look for additional support through supplements such as multivitamins. Vitamins should not be the source of nourishment for you; rather, you should take them to get additional support along with diet. 

Nowadays, diet alone does not help to provide the balanced nutrients required to support the mind and body. You can cover up possible nutritional deficiencies simply by taking vitamins.

  • Skip Styling

You must look to skip styling for a while, as it might make the whole scenario worse. Be gentle to your hair. You might want to curl, straight, and even blow dry your hair, but it is better to skip styling of any kind for some time. Styling your hair might go harsh on your weaker locks.

It is not even the right time to get any kind of chemical treatment for your hair, such as dyeing or bleaching hair. These hair treatments can increase the rate of hair fall and make your hair thinner than ever. You should say goodbye to high ponytails, messy hair buns, and backcombing for some time.

  • Use Volumizing Shampoo

Nowadays, one may find numerous quality products for hair care. You may make use of volumizing shampoo. This is an effective strategy, and it will give volume to thinner hair. By adding more volume to your thinner hair, you might feel more confident and less worried about your hair loss.  

  • Reduce Stress

In Women, postpartum stress and even depression is a phase for women which they would have to deal with. It is thus important to take measures in order to cope with postpartum stress. Do not let stress come into the way of your health and wellness goals. 

Though it is hard with a newly born baby, you can still take help from family members or your partner. Try to manage a moderate or less intense workout. Exercise will not only promote blood circulation but also helps to keep control of stress.

  • Be Patient

Get hold of your nerves and be patient. It is normal to experience postpartum hair loss, and most women face this issue, but this hair loss is temporary, and it will end soon. For some women, the condition might last for as much as four months, while some women could experience it till six months. All you need is to stay positive and be patient.

Take Away

Following effective strategies can really help to better deal with postpartum hair loss. It needs patience, and you will soon get rid of this profound hair loss. Just ensure that you are taking healthy nutrition to provide your body with essential nutrients to make a replacement for reduced hair volume.