How to keep your mental health safe during lockdowns?

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mental health safe during lockdowns

Firstly, it’s critical to recognize that anxiety and depression are common during these unprecedented times. Mental health are not safe during lockdowns. When the future is as unpredictable as it is now, we will become more concerned, attempting to predict what will happen next rather than living in the moment. It is challenging if we are worried about things that are beyond our control.

Changes that sound daunting may result from high levels of uncertainty combined with alienation from friends and family. It may include problems sleeping, eating more or less than normal, or having trouble concentrating or making decisions.

Constant worry 

While everyone affected by the pandemic, we are not all in the same type of situation. Covid has had various effects, with some people suffering greater difficulties than others in surviving it. For example, you might be concerned about your finances, jobs, studies, or your own or friends and family members’ health.

With additional national restrictions on top of those many people have been subjected to since March 2020, these concerns may have grown, particularly as we approach the summer month (or winter, in the southern hemisphere).

There is help 

Help is available online (for example, Betterhelp). During the first lockdown, it  revealed that one in three adults and more than one in four young people did not seek help because they did not believe their issue was severe enough. Don’t forget, feelings are valid, and services and support are available online.

Don’t forget people who struggled pre-covid  

Please reach out to those who have pre-existing mental health problems and try to get as much help as possible. The doctor or legislative programs can do this, and national organizations can also help.

Stay in touch with friends and family 

We know many people can’t see their families or friends as much as they used to, and it can be hard after more than a year of frequent lockdowns. It is depressing, and we cannot deny that. Finding fun ways to reconnect, such as exercising together via Zoom, or going on picnics or hikes when you can (staying safe and keeping your distance), can be a significant boost of serotonin. We live in unusual times, and while it’s hard to make the best out of it, we have to keep trying for our own sake. In the end, friends are what keep our life so lively, no matter how!

Find a new hobby 

It can be knitting, making TikToks, or even trading. The choice is entirely yours. Many decided to move to the countryside, some switched jobs, and others found their hidden talents. Resorting your finances can be beneficial for your wallet and mind, especially since many don’t have enough due to layoffs. People figured out investing is more fruitful than simply saving because you can get much more in return. If you research it and ask the right people, you can get into Forex trading with a small amount of money and start investing yourself! Forex trade is a hobby of many since the end of 2020, and it continues to soar through 2021. Be sure to find a licensed Forex broker, and don’t invest too much. Matter a fact, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose is the first rule of smart trading.

Don’t neglect your body 

We’ve seen two sides to this story during covid – some people lost a lot of weight or upped their training game, while others found comfort in food. Food is not the enemy, but it can quickly become if you neglect your body and put whatever you can into your body. Trying to eat at least 20 percent healthier will help you immensely and alleviate depression and mood swings that even more noticeable since the pandemic started. Small steps for everything and you will be on your way to good mental health even during these challenging times. Good luck!