How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Dentures

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Dentures are not just something to pop in and forget about. To extend the life of your dentures, you have to take good care of them. That being said, sometimes no amount of care will be helpful to your dentures, they may just have come to the end of their life.

If you need to be fitted for new dentures, head to Complete Dentures in Wantirna. Their denture clinic will repair, reline and build your perfect dentures from scratch. From here, it’s important to ensure your dentures are well cared for with the information in this article.

How Do You Clean Dentures?

The first thing you need to know about caring for dentures is keeping them clean. Here’s how you do that. 

  1.     Remove the dentures after each meal and give them a rinse. To do this you can run the dentures under a tap to remove any food particles that can get in the way. Remember to plug your sink so you don’t drop and break your dentures or lose any aspects of the drain. 
  2.     Clean your mouth with a soft toothbrush once you’ve taken out your dentures, and make sure to not hurt your mouth in the process.
  3.     Brush your dentures every day to make sure they are free of plaque and food. 
  4.     It’s a smart idea to soak your dentures overnight. This can help you keep their shape intact, and this can be just water or a mild denture solution. 
  5.     When you put dentures back into your mouth after soaking, give them a good clean and a rinse for freshness.
  6.     Remember to get regular check-ups with your denture health professional. 

Putting Your Dentures in and Taking Them Out

When you first get fitted for dentures, your specialist will show you how to take out and put in your dentures correctly, this will be helpful, but you should make sure to ask enough questions, so you feel comfortable doing the process yourself. 

Just remember, don’t force your dentures, and be gentle, make sure you’re happy with the fit. 

Chewing With Dentures In

When you first get dentures, they can feel strange, but this will get better over time. Start out by trying soft foods and take small bites and take your time chewing. The important thing here is to chew with both sides of your mouth if you can. Remember, they aren’t real teeth, and your hums need to get used to the process, so take it easy. 

Maintaining your Dentures

In addition to washing your dentures, you also need to remember that dentures are not indestructible. Try not to drop them, try to keep them clean, and if you find that your dentures have built up, you can soak them in a mild denture fluid or diluted vinegar. 

Regardless of when you got your dentures, caring for them properly will not just extend their life, it will make it easier for you to enjoy your daily life, and your daily meals with an overall better quality of life.